SEO isn’t a set it and forget it marketing tactic. We’ll say it louder for those in the back: SEO isn’t a one and done task. That’s because unlike say a print campaign, or an email, it isn’t static. To do SEO well, and to do it right, it takes expertise, attention to detail, consistent tuning, and staying in the know with the ever-changing search landscape. 

There’s a multitude of reasons SEO should be an ongoing effort, but there are a few core explanations we want to highlight.

Reason 1: Changing Search Algorithms

A search algorithm is a unique computer formula that determines which webpages best match a searcher’s query. Google and other search engines are constantly changing their search algorithms to serve better results. To maintain or improve your site’s rankings in search, your SEO has to keep pace with the algorithm changes. If you don’t, you risk not only losing ranking positions to the point of not being high enough to be relevant (or not at all), your competitors could also out-rank you.

Reason 2: Evolving User Behavior & Intent

How and why we search the internet is constantly changing. Our founder and chief strategist, Jason Dodge, likes to say that, “Google is no longer a search engine. It’s an answer engine.” As user behavior and search intent evolve, your SEO efforts need to shift accordingly to keep pace. The rise of local SEO is one example of how user behavior is impacting search.

Reason 3: Advancing Technology

If you’ve recently said “Hey Siri…” or “Hey Google…” to your smartphone or another device, then you’re a user of voice commands. With voice commands has come voice-activated search. While voice-based searches make up only a minority of search types, they demonstrate how technology changes drive search changes. The advent of mobile is another example. As smartphones became de rigeur, best practices emerged for responsive design that is also search-friendly. As technology advances, SEO needs will too.

Reason 4: Basic Site Maintenance

Site optimization is in lock-step with search engine optimization. Changes to your site, even seemingly minor ones, may negatively impact core web vitals, which now play into search rankings, and user experience. Keeping plug-ins updated, especially those like Yoast that directly impact SEO, ensure optimization efforts don’t go to waste, and prevents things from breaking on your site that could lead to poor user experience and even poorer SEO results.

Reason 5: Dynamic Business

Is your business the same this month as it was last month? How about this year versus last year? No? We didn’t think so. Your business changes constantly, from developing new products to offering new solutions to having new services. Plus, your industry may be impacted by cyclical changes, emerging market trends, and other external factors. To remain competitive, and keep your customers up to date, your SEO needs to be as fluid as your business, incorporating the new things and adapting to the changing ones.

For all of these reasons and many more, search engine optimization efforts need to be fluid and ongoing. The good news is that we’re well-versed in SEO, including local SEO. You know your business, and we know SEO. Partner with us, and we’ll do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on maintaining and growing your business.