Our Approach

Making Sense of it All

Of course, you need to know from where your users are coming. More important: what are they doing? Why? Knowing as much as we possibly can about your users, their behavior, and their desires helps us develop the most effective strategy possible for turning them into customers.

Web Analytics

The actual data generated by users on your website, from as broad as total pageview count to as specific as detail-by-detail individual browsing sessions. From UA to GA4, our team helps navigate the data gathered on your site.

Analytics Reporting

Our breakdown of your analytics, catered specifically to the metrics related to your goals, using insights and commentary to interpret the analytics data into understandable, actionable recommendations.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Ultimately using the data and reporting to determine how users are converting and where there are bottlenecks to improve upon.

Our Process

Ongoing, Data-Driven Analytics

Everything we do is driven by data, metrics, measurements, and other elements we can view in a spreadsheet. However, simply having the information isn’t enough—what does it mean?

Our process is ongoing. We measure, study, and analyze how your content is performing and how we can increase that performance. If you’re meeting or exceeding objectives, we use that to meet or exceed other objectives. If something is underperforming, we can determine why that is and what action we need to take.

Concerned about the upcoming transition to GA4 from Universal Analytics? We have you covered. Our team can walk through your concerns, breakdown how your current deployment of analytics is established, and how this translates to the new GA4 platform.

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Our Process

Going Deeper

Analytics alone aren’t enough. Reporting is only effective if we’re talking about the right metrics, which is why we customize our reports for every client. We dig deeper into the analytics than you might believe (and really, we can’t help ourselves), interpret all of it as it relates to your goals, then incorporate our findings into your digital marketing strategy going forward, resulting in enhanced CRO and thus, a healthy ROI.

Time on site, pageviews, scroll depth – those are all nice engagement metrics, but we want to move you past vanity and into data acquisition that is actionable for your brand to make decisions from.

Case Study:
SEO Content Strategy for an Oceanside Tourism Destination

A well-known coastal destination collaborated with BlackTruck to develop a comprehensive SEO & content strategy that enabled the region to increase their search visibility by 819%.

SEO Content Strategy for an Oceanside Tourism Destination

Case Study:
SEO Implications for a Domain Name Change

Navigating a domain name change is a difficult process, especially when the brand has a significant history in the market and SERPs….

Case Study:
Lead Gen and Organic Growth for a Home Services Company

A large, family-owned, residential-focused roofing company in the state came to BlackTruck Media & Marketing because they wanted greater visibility and transparency…

Case Study:
SEO Strategy for OEM Manufacturer Site Redesign

BlackTruck was brought in at the ground level of planning for the new site. Working closely with the client, we were able to ensure the site was built in a search-friendly manner…

Case Study:
Overcoming Pharmaceutical Industry PPC Challenges

When a global pharmaceutical company’s go-to-market strategy for a new product hinged on the success of their online marketing campaigns, BlackTruck was…

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