Tourism Industry Content & SEO Campaign


A well-known destination marketing organization (DMO), specializing in oceanside destinations approached BlackTruck Media + Marketing (BTM) to help boost the client’s website’s performance. With expertise in search engine and content marketing, BTM conducted thorough analysis of the site to identify key pages for optimization. The COVID-19 pandemic created uncertainty for the client’s audience, particularly around air travel and public health, so they came to BTM seeking solutions to improve their search engine rankings and increase brand visibility.

Goals & Objectives

The client’s main objective was to create a content marketing strategy, with a focus on targeting their intended audience within a 60-mile radius, despite their international recognition. BlackTruck conducted background research and identified awareness issues that were impacting the client’s business performance. To address this, BlackTruck started by identifying high-impact pages that would benefit from optimization. A website audit was conducted to determine user engagement, search engine performance, and the competitive landscape. Based on the findings, BlackTruck developed a comprehensive content marketing campaign that focused on improving search engine optimization, visibility, and website traffic. In addition, BlackTruck prioritized pages ranking in positions 11-20 on Google to identify opportunities for content improvement.

Stats & Figures

  • Page refreshes rose 23% in rank and saw an 819% increase in search impressions and a 21% increase in traffic 
  • Organic traffic from newly-optimized legacy pages was up nearly twice as much (+21), and organic site traffic was up 12%
  • 819% increase in search impressions 
  • 1,044% increase in clicks 
  • 25% increase in click-through-rate from search

Strategic Approach

A strategic approach was designed in monthly increments throughout 2022, taking into consideration the time required for page optimization to produce results in search. As a convention and visitors bureau, we prioritized optimizing pages that would be top of mind for visitors. To develop effective tactics, we conducted extensive research into site performance, which included user engagement, search engine rankings, and competition analysis. BlackTruck utilized relevant keywords to better understand user intent and needs, allowing content to be created which resonates with the target audience. Based on these insights, BlackTruck rewrote, restructured, and enhanced pages to improve both user experience and search engine visibility based on the acronym E-E-A-T in accordance with Google’s Rater Guidelines.


By implementing strategic search engine optimization and content marketing techniques, BTM significantly enhanced the client’s website functionality and crafted an effective content marketing plan. This was achieved following a comprehensive analysis of the site, evaluating aspects such as user interaction, search engine rankings, and the client’s competitive position. Throughout 2022, these initiatives resulted in a notable 25% rise in the website’s click-through rate (CTR) from organic searches and a 21% growth in site traffic, underscoring the success of BlackTruck Media’s strategies in elevating the client’s online presence.

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