This is a guest post from our friend Marissa Conniff and the team at TwoSix Digital. 

TwoSix Digital is a full-service agency that offers integrated marketing solutions exclusively to destination marketing organizations (DMOs) and members of the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry in the United States.

With the right strategy, blogs can be the largest source of traffic to your website. They help paint a vibrant picture of your brand, and provide a platform to be seen as an authority in your industry.

TwoSix Digital believes every business should have a blog. Yes, every business. We are digital marketing agency for the travel and tourism industry, and we have a blog. Are you a financial advisor? A shoe store? Vegan restaurant? Ladder company? Yep. You can have a blog.

Starting and maintaining a blog can feel like a daunting task. The biggest question is always, “What do I write about?” Well, here are 5 blog topics that work for every business to get you started.

How To _____

The internet has forever changed knowledge-sharing. On the world wide web, we can find the answer to nearly anything we may want to know. Instead of calling Grandma for her secret apple pie recipe, we might consult Google first. Sad? Maybe. But it also provides an interesting opportunity for your business. Trust that you have a unique expertise that is worth sharing with the rest of the world!

Examples of How To Blogs:

  • Financial Advisor: How To Balance Your Budget
  • Shoe Store: How To Tell if a Shoe Fits Perfectly
  • Vegan Restaurant: How To Go Vegan at Home
  • Ladder Company: How To Safely Climb a Ladder


Five Things That Will Surprise You About _____

Again, leverage your exclusive intelligence to position yourself as a thought leader in your industry. At TwoSix Digital, we discover new and exciting things about social media every day. We could write “Five Things That Will Surprise You About Social Media” week after week! Use these types of blogs as an opportunity to take a deeper dive into your area of expertise, and provide thoughtful insight to your audience.

Examples of 5 Things That Will Surprise You Blogs:

  • Financial Advisor: Five Things That Will Surprise You About Unemployment
  • Shoe Store: Five Things That Will Surprise You About High Heels
  • Vegan Restaurant: Five Things That Will Surprise You About Going Vegan
  • Ladder Company: Five Things That Will Surprise You About Making a Ladder


The History of _____

History may not seem like the sexiest blog topic, but historic details can be very intriguing for your audience. If you are not a historian yourself, conduct a little research, and compile the information into a unique blog. Your audience will appreciate it!

Examples of History Blogs

  • Financial Advisor: The History of the American Stock Market
  • Shoe Store: The History of Flip Flops
  • Vegan Restaurant: The History of Veganism
  • Ladder Company: The History of Ladders


Why We Love _____ (And You Should Too!)

These types of blogs can create a non-intrusive way to sell a product, service, or experience relating to your business. Keep these blogs short, sweet, and to the point.

Examples of Why We Love Blogs:

  • Financial Advisor: Why We Love Annuities (And You Should Too!)
  • Shoe Store: Why We Love Nike Running Shoes (And You Should Too!)
  • Vegan Restaurant: Why We Love Coconut Oil (And You Should Too!)
  • Ladder Company: Why We Love Wooden Ladders (And You Should Too!)


Ten Beautiful Photos of _____

We live in a visual world. People love browsing through photos on the internet, and luckily, these are really easy blogs to write. The copy can be very minimal, and you don’t even have to take your own photos. See what you can find on Instagram, ask people if you can use their photos, and embed them into your blog. These are possibly the easiest and most effective blog topics!

Examples of Beautiful Photo Blogs:

  • Financial Advisor: Ten Beautiful Photos of Families Buying Their First Home
  • Shoe Store: Ten Beautiful Photos of Prada’s New Spring Shoe Line
  • Vegan Restaurant: Ten Beautiful Photos of Vegan Breakfasts
  • Ladder Company: Ten Beautiful Photos of Building Projects


We hope these five suggestions have inspired you to begin your own blog and the examples have provided great seeds of content for a starter.  Thank you for reading!

Want to take a deeper dive into blog content planning? TwoSix Digital conducts Tactical Content Planning Programs to help organizations identify the best topics for their business. Check out our website for more information.

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