Paid Media Specialist at BlackTruck

BlackTruck Media + Marketing is an award-winning digital marketing agency that specializes in growing the online presence of organizations through honest search, content, and digital advertising strategies. Our team is trusted by brands globally, across a diverse range of industries, to deliver results that have a positive impact on their businesses. Agnostic of industry – meaning, we focus intentionally on our craft, without ego, committing ourselves to understanding the inner-workings of a client’s business and how this translates into positive outcomes online.

Paid Media Specialist Position Details

The paid media specialist position at BlackTruck Media + Marketing will support the efforts to improve upon client successes and achieve strategic goals through digital advertising campaigns, while assisting the collective team with educating the client on key performance indicators.

Position Highlights

  • Ideate and craft paid media strategies through an integrated approach across platforms (Paid Social, Paid Search, Display, Programmatic, and more).
  • Oversee day-to-day campaign strategies and management of client initiatives. Leveraging your experience within each platform to better target audiences, and be a champion for client success.
  • Collaborate and contribute to the overarching strategy that helps achieve client objectives and improves their bottom line goals.
  • Consult with, and lead discussions, with a diverse set of clients and internal teams as it relates to ad performance, strategic approaches and education to all parties.
  • Provide feedback and recommendations for on-site, landing page improvements for the betterment of your campaign’s performance.
  • Gather KPIs necessary for campaign reports and presentations to clients that demonstrates performance of strategies in place and the impact it has on their business.
  • Assist with the review and editing of peer-developed content.
  • Participate in interviews of subject matter experts, conducting research as needed to support campaign creation and content development.

Research & Technical:

  • Expand upon your existing knowledge within paid media, data analytics and tools to uncover approaches that expand client opportunities.
  • Develop skills to work alongside the Content and SEO teams, in a supportive role around client efforts to improve the overarching goals.
  • Performing ongoing campaign audits, reviewing ad creative for performance, competitive analysis, and discovery of additional opportunities outside of existing strategies being used.
  • Assist with audience development for targeted campaigns, this often includes rolling up your sleeves and deepening your understanding of client/brand/industry involvement and how digital ads can best be leveraged for the overarching goals.

Analytics & Reporting:

  • Supporting the team with analytical reports and KPIs based on client business needs.
  • Working closely across teams to create meaningful, story-telling dashboards and reports based on KPIs with actionable insights, often from multiple data sources of varied formats and quality.
  • Develop skills to assist with analytics strategies for effective data collection, tracking, analysis, interpretation, and reporting outputs from sources such as Google Analytics (GA4 included), Facebook Business Manager and others.


2+ year(s) relevant experience and/or a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising, Public Relations, Business Marketing, or a related field.

Technical Qualifications:

  • Background in the development and management of successful online advertising campaigns.
  • Proficiency with Facebook Business Manager, Google Ads, Bing Ads, LinkedIn Ads and other online advertising platforms.
  • Demonstrated presentation skills across platforms such as PowerPoint and similar. Data Studio experience is preferred, but not a requirement.
  • Experience with website analytics tools such as Google Analytics.
  • Basic working knowledge of website structures and common CMS platforms (i.e. WordPress, Craft etc.).
  • Proficiency with marketing and communications fundamentals, business objectives and KPIs.
    Willingness to learn and understand user motivations and can follow user behavior.
  • Experience with a varying level of research tools for uncovering insights on searches and user behavior (Google Keyword Explorer, Moz Keyword Explorer, HubSpot, AnswerThePublic, Google Trends, etc.).
  • Proficient user of word processing tools such as Word, and cloud applications such as Google Docs, etc.

Cultural Qualifications & Characteristics:

  • Superb communication and presentation skills
  • Strong pattern recognition and analytical skills
  • Commitment to continuous growth and learning – can easily pick up new concepts
  • Ability to organize and prioritize workload
  • Attention to detail
  • Problem-solving aptitude
  • Adaptability

What’s in it for you?

We’ve outlined what we expect from our ideal candidate, so what do you get in return?

We offer up a very flexible (and generous) schedule. Our dynamic team works in a hybrid capacity in beautiful downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan and embraces both the WFH lifestyle and collaborative studio environment. We understand that you work to live, and not the other way around. Sick leave is unlimited here (use it don’t abuse it) – which ensures the health/wellness of our team, but also ensures that we’re bringing our fullest to the team. 12-weeks paid maternity leave (yes you read that right), partner time off, company matched 401(k) included. Personal time, matched with flex Fridays in the summer, rivals that of major companies. Compensation is based on experience and is reviewed in an ongoing fashion.

What’s Flex Fridays?
Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, we’re “in” until noon on Fridays, with select Fridays (usually once a month) of being completely out. No strings attached, this doesn’t pull from your personal time at all. Summer is short in the Midwest – get out and enjoy it!

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