A large financial and business advisory firm has been working with BlackTruck since 2010. The client planned a new website redesign and expressed concerns about retaining current traffic levels from search, while building in best practices for SEO in order to increase search traffic over time and increase market share from competitors.

Goals & Objectives

Overarching business goals for the client were to retain the existing volume of traffic from search engines and improve it by 20% over time, while increasing the number of leads generated from the site overall.

Stats & Figures

  • Organic search traffic experienced 176% growth year-over-year.
  • Leads generated from website increased 160% from organic search visits year-over-year.
Graphic of Financial Client Year to Year Organic Search showing dramatic increase

Strategic Approach

In an effort to achieve the client’s business goals, BlackTruck developed a strategic approach for technical on-page SEO that helped guide the design and development of the new website to maximize search and user experience, while minimizing the negative impact that a major site redesign could have on their brand.

Working alongside the client and developers, BlackTruck aided in the content strategy for the new site and its structure. We also provided review of semantics and performance metrics to enhance the site within search and cross-device functionality prior to, and after, launch of new site.

An ongoing SEO strategy was developed that included creating a consistent schedule of well-optimized content that is aligned with primary audience, increases site engagement and content sharing via inbound marketing strategies.


Given the nature of the industry, the full impact of the SEO strategy was not realized as immediately as expected. Inside of 9 months, the client started to gain traction in search engines, increasing their organic search traffic by 24% consistently month-to-month. By month 12, their site experienced over 100% growth in search traffic, which continues to increase as our relationship moves forward.