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In episode 69 of The Redirect Podcast: Google pre-announced a core algorithm update in June 2019. This is the first time that many know of a pre-release announcement of any update to come to the core of the algorithm. Tossing speculation to the side, we dive in and cover early reports on what the broad core update could mean to sites as this continues to roll out this month.

Beyond the core algo update, we discuss Google’s push to disrupt industries, in this case travel & tourism. Google offers up the ability to search and book everything from a hotel to flights and rental cars, all without leaving their site. What are those in the travel & tourism space suppose to do about this and what’s the impact? This and much more on The Redirect Podcast.

GMB link UTMs removed from Search Console traffic?

From Google: 

“To help unify your data, Search Console will soon begin assigning search metrics to the (Google-selected) canonical URL, rather than the URL referred to by Google Search. “ Source

UPDATE: Google has since reverted back most of the changes and UTM tagging currently works, according to LocalFalcon. Source


Since Google has reverted these changes to some degree, we stand beside LocalFalcon’s recommendation of continuing to put UTMs in your GMB listings. A few other tips to keep in mind when doing this:

  1. Use lower-case letters
  2. Keep your source as “google” and medium as “organic” if you are using tools such as Panguin Tool.
  3. Use the Campaign field for naming the different fields in GMB. 

The end result will look something like this: []

Sourced from: Sterling Sky

Discovering your local search competition:

A tool that we’ve had success using as of late, is from LocalFalcon. Their Map Scan allows SEOs to discover local rankings for their business and where they stack up against their competition in a given radius of up to 100 miles. We’ll revisit this later as we gain more experience with the tool and can report back on our findings, but in the meantime, try it for yourself and tell us what you think!

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