Episode 19 / October 13, 2017

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In this episode, we discuss Apple Search Ads, smart home devices, and updates on AdWords’ ability to double your daily ad spend.


Apple Search Ads Expand Internationally

Apple Search Ads are ads within the App Store. These are basically what show up in “position one” when someone is searching for an app within the store. Search Engine Land just reported that the ability to participate in and monitor these ads has expanded into Canada, Mexico and Switzerland as adoption rates increase.

A previous article at Search Engine Land explained some of the pros and cons of Apple Search Ads. While you’re not able to customize ads specifically for campaigns, as they are generated using the content on the app’s listing, you can tweak a listing’s title and content for the sake of a campaign. However, you’re limited in that everyone will see the same thing. You can bid on keywords and adjust various metrics for target audiences. “Remarketing” is also possible in the form of getting contact info from users’ iTunes Connect accounts and marketing to them within iTunes.

The app store is not an area we play in often, but there is clearly room for growth and integration as the possibilities expand.

How “Smart Speaker” Owners Use Their Devices

The Smart Audio Report from NPR and Edison Research shares the results of a survey of 800 people who own at least one Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Most (76%) of those surveyed had Alexa, 16% had a Google Home, and 8% had both devices. The report categorized the device owner’s degree of use on a scale from heavy (11+ regular tasks) to light (0-1 regular tasks), and also measured what people use the devices for the most.  

The report didn’t break down use in a very search-specific way. Respondents indicated they used their devices most for music, (91%), weather (90%), and “asking a general general question,” which is probably where the web search function comes in, at 88%. Other uses included controlling other devices, checking the news/time/traffic, and personal assistant functions like adding items to your calendar and shopping list.

The #1 reason for wanting a smart speaker was to “ask questions without needing to type” (87%). Other reasons given were to hear better music than what’s on the radio, and to replace an old stereo or radio.

The study also broke down users by age; not surprisingly, most heavy users were under 34, but ages 55+ still had a good representation among users. (Related: 12% of respondents said they had the device to help an elderly resident.)

AdWords May Spend 2x Your Daily Budget

Last week’s announcement of AdWords automatically spending 2x daily budget threw a lot of us in the industry for a loop. A week out from the rollout, we have more clarification on the change and its impact. Read more from Search Engine Land.

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