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In this week’s episode:

  • In-home voice search is dead? Lots of noise a year ago from large companies getting devices in-home; now what the hell do we do with ‘em? So what’s next? (begins at 2:30).
  • Keep it transparent and keep it human. What’s going on with AI in search? (begins at 3:20).
  • Target audiences on mobile devices (begins at 10:15).
  • Why local businesses need a website (Google My Business) (begins at 13:12).
  • WordPress Gutenberg, should you update to WP5.0? (begins at 20:00).

Is Pat always right? A look back at search in 2018.

Takeaway: A highlight that was in fact correct, that in-home voice assistants are dead; it was all a marketing ploy by the manufacturers to get the devices into our homes, and once there, no one knew what to do with them, and the manufacturers then didn’t know how to push the adoption rate up. Related Posts from Search Engine Land

New ways to approach SEO in 2019: Accountability and customer experiences

Takeaway: Master your understanding of audience, measure beyond the click and find ways to mine data to improve efficiency are all ways you can improve your organic search performance in 2019.

A few highlights from the article:

” 74 percent of shoppers report that text-only search results are insufficient for finding the products they want. Consumers demand rich, visual results and expect that those recommendations will have a great degree of personalization, as well, as AI experiences drive new search formats and channels.”

“Mobile searches for “wait times” have grown by 120%, for example Searchers want to know when a business is open, how to get there, what it looks like inside and out, what the service is like, whether they should tip, and much, much more.”

Ai is going to help search marketers move higher up the funnel, using various attribution models now available to capture audience interest in a more proud sense.

Learn your audience from a more broad sense but in minute detail. Get all the data and increase/target your audience. Measure beyond the click. Don’t be shy in celebrating your successes

Why local businesses will need websites “more than ever” in 2019.

Takeaway: Businesses that rank high organically are very likely to have high associated local pack rankings (map plus local businesses in search results). Related posts from Moz 

WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg Content Editor is ALIVE!

Shout out to Red66 for this topic: should you update or no? WordPress (WP) powers 33% of the Internet so it’s often a target for hackers and jerks. Major WP release because of Gutenberg Content Editor.

Takeaway: From Yoast: “Gutenberg is stage one of a three-pronged roll-out strategy. First, WordPress will get a redeveloped block editor, after that the project will focus on page templates and in the final stage WordPress will become a full site customizer.” Wanna play with it? Check out over at WordPress/Gutenberg or learn more from Yoast on What is Gutenberg?

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