Episode 8 / July 12, 2017

Every week, the BlackTruck Media + Marketing team gathers around a microphone at our conference table to discuss recent search industry insights and news. We also share relevant actions our listeners can take to improve their digital marketing.

In Episode 8 of The Redirect Podcast, the BlackTruck team explored the impact that record sales of Amazon Echo devices will have on voice search, and key tips for optimizing around natural language. Plus, the future of search in vehicle infotainment systems, and our take on concerns over net neutrality.

SEO and Automotive Infotainment Systems

Ashley kicked off the discussion by sharing an article she read from Seer Interactive: The Future of SEO in Automotive Infotainment Systems. Because of the costs associated with updating auto infotainment software, most automakers create systems that integrate with mobile devices, rather than maintain a proprietary software. Whether the future holds developments in automotive software or continued reliance on smartphones, voice search and local SEO will continue to be important to mobile users on the road.

Takeaway: Take mobile optimization, voice optimization, and local SEO seriously, as these will become more important as auto infotainment systems progress.

Digital Assistants and Optimizing for Voice

Jason and Patrick tag-teamed discussion of a post from Search Engine Land: Key Notes On Optimizing For Voice Search: Conversation, Content And Context. Some introductory context: Amazon has announced record sales of Amazon Echo devices following Prime Day 2017, and 43% of millennials have made a purchase over a voice device in the past year. We’ve previously discussed the assertion that adoption of voice-enabled digital assistants wasn’t really going to hit “mainstream” until the assistant achieved a certain percentage of accuracy…but, it seems, we’re already there.

Takeaway: Not to sound like a broken record, but voice search is here, and it will continue to influence the direction of SEO. With the adoption of voice-enabled devices and improved digital assistants, it is crucial that businesses consider the nuance of natural language that voice searchers will use, and integrate it into the language of their online marketing. This includes targeting long-tail keyword phrases. Also: optimizing for mobile is optimizing for voice.

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Net Neutrality

Jason summarized Russ Jones’ post on Moz’s blog: The Unspoken Reality of Net Neutrality, covering some of the human services that are likely to suffer if net neutrality is retracted. This adds another dimension to the implications of ISP control – beyond freedom of speech and levels of access, there is also the potential for serious impact on people in our own communities.

Takeaway: Learn more about the importance of net neutrality and voice your concern at Battle for the Net.


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