Welcome to another installment of BlackTruck Minutes, a quick web series that we have placed together in an effort to help your business out in times of crisis.

In this episode, we’re focusing on automated messages and potentially promotions. You know the ones we’re talking about – promoted social posts encouraging your to go out and stock up on your favorite (insert snack food here), or those emails received from a local car dealer you haven’t spoken to in 3 years.

Key Areas to Address

  • Social Media Channels – tools like Hootsuite and Buffer are great because they allow us to schedule out posts across many social channels. This can backfire quickly in times of crisis and a quick win for your brand is jumping into those tools and seeing what you have scheduled out. Is it really timely, could it be the wrong timing with your message, etc?
  • Marketing Automation & Email Marketing – understanding these tools all operate on your user’s behavior or non-behavior on your site. Tools like Salesforce/Pardot and Mailchimp are great at keeping our brands in front of customers or prospects, however… Take the steps to check out your funnels and manage the conversation. Be sensitive during trying times and understand that as much as we want to see your brand be out there, now might not be the best time. Give space where it’s needed.
  • Paid Media – be very cognoscente of what you have running right now in your paid media channels. Pivot those ads toward your brand, perhaps a positive message or way of support within a community. Trust, consumers need to be reminded of your brand, and we’re believers of this, but make sure you’re working with your ad partners on the message that’s being displayed in critical times.

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We’re here to help and want to keep your business and organization moving forward.