Welcome to another installment of BlackTruck Minutes, a quick web series that we have placed together in an effort to help your business out in times of crisis.

With this episode, we’re bringing you our top dos and don’ts of communicating with your customers during a crisis. While none of this is rocket science, it is important to keep top of mind when a critical situation arises.


DON’T Wait to Respond

First and foremost, don’t delay responding. Thanks to social media, information is readily available, so waiting unfortunately won’t cut it. People want information, and they want it now. That urgency is amplified when crisis strikes.

DO Proactively Communicate

Saying, “We’re aware of the situation and will share more when we can,” is fine. Offer whatever details you have, and follow up as the situation evolves. If it’s a rapidly changing situation, your communication frequency should increase to keep pace, so be prepared.

DON’T Jump on the Regurgitation Bandwagon

Unless it’s extremely relevant to your business, if it’s already been covered ad naseum, you don’t need to say it. That being said, if you want to share helpful information, linking to reliable resources is a good solution.

DO Share Relevant and Important Information

Things like changes to your service offerings or hours of operation are great examples of what’s relevant and important. Jason shared some great tips on how to do this with your Google My Business Listing in his Black Truck Minute.

DON’T Use Humor

Trying to lighten the mood with comic relief will come off as insincere and inconsiderate at best, and likely much worse… possibly to the point of even damaging your brand. Save it for Facebook, or your friends and family.

DO Inform Honestly

Stick to the facts. Now is not the time to make “educated guesses” or future predictions. Offer solid, honest information, and reassurance. That’s what your customers are looking for in a time of crisis, so meet their needs.

We know that at times of crisis, you don’t want to say the wrong thing. That’s why we’re always here to help, so don’t hesitate to reach out.