Black Truck Media Offices

Dear West Side Grand Rapids,

It’s been real and we want to thank you. You were the first physical home for the BlackTruck team. You offered up an opportunity to grow, learn and be a part of a great creative community. You’re growing and evolving, as are we. We certainly will miss your blue collar grit and plan to spread that hard working, get your hands dirty mentality at our new location.

In the end it does not matter what portion of the city BlackTruck is located. When we put roots down here nearly 8 years ago, the commitment was made to Grand Rapids. While there has always been a positive attitude here, there is a certain vibrancy about the city that’s bursting at the seams. We see it every day walking around at lunch and team happy hours. People are out in the city. Your city. We’re just fortunate to be a part of that.

So where did we move?
We made the short hop from one side of the Grand River to the other. We’re now located on the southeast side of downtown Grand Rapids at 255 Washington Street SE and border the historic Heritage Hill community moving from the early 1800’s era of furniture manufacturing that built Grand Rapids, to the 1950’s modern industrial movement. While we’re still getting settled in, this spot feels ‘right.’

New Black Truck Offices

Our new location offers up the space and opportunity for future growth, and to take in many of the great amenities in the downtown district. While we say goodbye to our neighbors on the westside, we’re receiving a warm welcome on this side of the river.

Jason Dodge & Team