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A few months ago, we got a big idea. The kind of idea that you just can’t shake. It’s been rolling around our office, always at the front of mind. Then finally, we had a place for it. Moz placed a call for community speakers for their upcoming MozCon conference in September. So we gathered a team, ate some pizza and drank some beers, and came up with a damn fine proposal that we sent off into the ether to the powers that be.

It wasn’t accepted.

Now this could be the end of the blog post right here. We didn’t get what we had projected or wanted out of the proposal. But wait, here’s what we received instead:

Hey Jason,
Thank you so much for you pitch to MozCon 2016. Unfortunately, your submission wasn’t chosen from our contenders. The choice was incredibly hard — 140 entries in a week and a half — and our committee was only able to choose 4.

That said, we wanted to personally reach out to you because you did have one of the Top 15 submissions. We recognize all the hard work you’ve put into pitching and sharing amazing work in our greater community. We think you’re pretty rad and wanted to let you know that.

Because you’re rad, we’d like to invite you to give a Mozinar (webinar) on the topic you pitched. I’ve cc’d Matt, our Mozinar wrangler, here, and he can work with you on all those great details. Please let him know if you’re interested to start the wheels turning!

We also have a special offer for those of you who put yourself out there and submitted. We know how much courage that can take.

Sr. Community Manager

A TOP 15 SUBMISSION?! [We’d like to thank the academy – damn that is powerful!]

Erica, Social Community Manager for Moz. says: This year, we received 140 submissions. And while the overall number of submissions were down, the quality of submissions has gone up. Typically, we’ve been able to eliminate ~100 submissions for not meeting the minimum bar, but this year, it was more like ~20. Which only means competition for these four slots was harder than ever before.

WOW! We’re honored by this loss. Yes, you read that right! Truly honored that we made the cut for a webinar placement on our first pitch for MozCon. Very humbled that they responded to us individually, being that the volume for submissions was so high. And of course very excited to congratulate Alex Stein (Wayfair), Emma Still (Seer Interactive), Robin Winner (Hornblower), and Samuel Scott ( We can’t wait to attend this year with our peers.

For more about the MozCon community speaker announcement, take the jump:

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