Episode 10 / July 27, 2017

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In Episode 10 of The Redirect Podcast (listed in order of discussion):

  • Details on live tests of new Google “see more” in mobile SERPs
  • Analytics Intelligence rolls out inside Google Analytics with machine learning, powering Q&A for data gathering
  • Tips and methodologies for optimizing old blog posts
  • Google for Jobs is live
  • Perspective on the new AdWords redesign
  • The Redirect Method curbs extremist activity on YouTube

In the World of Google:

Google Testing “See More Results” in Mobile SERPs

From The SEM Post: Google is testing a “See More Results” feature on mobile, which replaces the “next page” button at the bottom of the screen. With this change, the mobile search results page will also only show 4 results instead of the usual 10. The search suggestions below the 4 results will likely help users get to a refined search query and better result more quickly than before. What will this mean for search marketing efforts? What will become of “page one”?

Analytics Intelligence

From Marketing Land: Google has announced it will be rolling out Analytics Intelligence, allowing users of Google Analytics to ask questions inside the platform. This has been a long beta test and is now supposed to be rolling out across both Google Analytics and Google Analytics 360 in the coming weeks.

The focus here is on “what” and “how many” type of questions. What will be key to users is still having an understanding of the naming conventions inside GA to get the full benefit of the machine learning that is powering Intelligence.

Google for Jobs

From PPC Hero: Google for Jobs is out in the wild now, and while it certainly will affect those in the organic search (SEO) space, and companies such as Indeed, Glassdoor, etc., it could also affect individuals running PPC recruitment campaigns.

AdWords Gets a Makeover

From Search Engine Land: The new AdWords interface is completely different than what we’ve become used to. Some features are stripped out, and some (like Audience) are given a new, more visible priority. New and features include N-grams, landing page performance, and attribution.

Updating Old Blog Posts for Fresh Search Results

From Search Engine Land: Improving and optimizing older blog posts may be a better strategy than always churning out new content. Yes, both Google and users tend to prefer fresh content, but that doesn’t have to mean all-new posts. How about refreshing older posts to increase their value to you, as well as satisfy search queries with more updated information? First, you should audit your old posts and decided whether to “remove, redirect, or rewrite” them based on analytics and quality. For the posts you do rewrite, be sure to change the publishing date. Voila: fresh content!

The Redirect Method Curbs Online Radicalization

From the YouTube Blog: YouTube is tackling terrorism and extremism on its platform by implementing “The Redirect Method.” The Redirect Method uses “uses Adwords targeting tools and curated YouTube videos […] to confront online radicalization.” It redirects certain audiences and search queries prone to radicalization towards “curated YouTube videos debunking ISIS recruiting themes.” This is obviously a great tool for its intended purpose. What happens if this is method is adapted someday and applied to search at large?

Also, from AdWeek: Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter and YouTube are working together to address terrorism on their platforms.

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