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If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you might have seen some photos teasing a project we’ve been working on for a couple months: The Redirect Podcast.

The Redirect is a weekly podcast of search industry research, discussion, and analysis, featuring the BlackTruck Media + Marketing team and an occasional guest.

Why record a podcast?

Earlier this year, our Friday morning team meetings included each of us sharing what we’d been reading in industry news throughout the week. We thought, hey, our discussion could also help people interested in SEO keep up with what’s happening in the search engine marketing, search engine optimization, and digital marketing world. Now, we gather around a microphone at our conference table and record the conversation.

The podcast began as Friday morning meetings with coffee, but has shifted into Friday afternoon meetings with beer (you might even notice this change somewhere along your listening journey…). We’re having a lot of fun with The Redirect, and we’re excited to continue sharing our discoveries and thoughts with you every Friday with a new show.

Our first seven episodes are described and embedded below.

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Current Episodes

The Redirect Podcast [Episode: Pilot]

The pilot episode for The Redirect Podcast from the BlackTruck Media + Marketing team. A weekly discussion of search industry trends, analysis, and action items.


Episode 2: Amazon Loses 1-Click Checkout & The State of Internet Marketing Study

Episode 2 of The Redirect Podcast: Amazon loses its 1-click checkout, and what does this mean for other E-commerce players? Also: discussions around The State of Internet Marketing from the team at WordStream, Google Assistant comes to iOS, and expanded carousel ads inside AdWords are being tested.


Episode 3: The Inbounder NYC, AMP Ads & Reviews Powering Local SEO

Episode 3 of The Redirect Podcast: We recap a great industry event, The Inbounder NYC, with great insights on machine learning and the future of search. How AMP is expanding into AdWords with AMP Ads, and powering local SEO efforts with reviews and location data.


Episode 4: Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends Report & Content Marketing That Changes SEO

Episode 4 of The Redirect Podcast: We dive into Mary Meeker’s famed Internet Trends Report for 2017 and discuss what it means for search marketers. DMOZ finally goes away, and a focus shift of featured snippets for your users.


Episode 5: #SearchLove Boston

Episode 5 of The Redirect Podcast: We deep dive on our experience at #SearchLove Boston, put on by the team at Distilled. What were the highlights of the event, action items that we took away, and how you can put those into play in your business.


Episode 6: Google Posts Are Live & How to Generate Content Every Day

In Episode 6, we explore Google Posts that are now live in all Google MyBusiness listings, plus tips for generating content every day.


Episode 7: Using Data To Create Better Content, AdWords Ad Headline Test

Episode 7 explores ways to use data to create better content, AdWords ad headline testing, and why marketers need to pay attention to voice search now, more than ever.

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