Analytics & Conversion Optimization

Analytics & Conversion Optimization

It’s important to know from where your users are coming. That’s probably common sense. But less common: what are your users doing? Why?

Knowing the answers to these questions dramatically increases the effectiveness of your strategy. By analyzing the behavior of your users, we can adjust as necessary to achieve a particular outcome.

We Speak Geek
Nearly everything we do at Black Truck Media + Marketing is driven by data, metrics, measurements and other goodies we can view in a spreadsheet. It doesn’t matter how pretty your car is—if you don’t understand what’s under the hood, you’ll never get where you need to go. The same is true for your website.

Because we focus so intently on actionable data—how people are finding your content and what they’re doing once they arrive—we can determine if we’re lining up with your goals and alter if necessary.

Therein lies the importance of analytics: ours is an ongoing process during which we measure, study and analyze how your content is performing and how we can increase that performance. If you’re meeting or exceeding objectives, we use that to meet or exceed other objectives. If something is underperforming, we can determine why that is and fix it before it’s too late.