Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Entice a robot, write for a human. There are a few different schools of thought on search-engine optimization (SEO). Throwing a bunch of keywords onto a website might get Google to notice you, but once a real person clicks on that link, what will he or she see? If the content on your site isn’t compelling enough to get a user to act, it doesn’t matter how many hits you get.

Take full advantage of honest SEO. The fact is this: SEO is constantly changing. Search engines alter their algorithms continually. The one thing that has survived these changes consistently is good, quality content, and a sound search engine optimization strategy.

Making SEO Work for You

To get your target audience to your website, a good SEO strategy identifies highly searched, relevant keywords or phrases (that is, the terms related to your business that are most heavily searched by users on search engines), then increases the usage of those terms on your website.

Honest SEO tells the search engines to rank you highly, and also treats the actual content on your site with value targeted toward your customers. That is, the right keywords are there, but they’re naturally and organically incorporated so the copy engages real human beings.

This is where we excel. Black Truck Media + Marketing creates SEO programs and content strategies that not only get people to your site, but keep them there. You want a search engine to know you’re there, but you want actual people to interact with you.